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Pronouns - Moonlight

Hey everyone it's Swany again. I know I like to call myself a Rules Lawyer, but that is only for written rules. When it comes to societal rules I am not as versed. Today I am specifically talking about pronouns. My character Moonlight Shadow Dance is a Leshy. Leshy choose their gender and pronouns based on what their spirit decides they are. This includes identifying with no gender, which is how Moonlight identifies, and uses they/them pronouns. To be blunt, I am not used to that and I do slip to a she/her sometimes when in character. This is noticeable in the first episode. It is not meant to offend and I apologize for that. Hopefully as I get more immersed into Moonlight, and can train myself to be more consistent, I will be able to do that less and less.

I believe and hope our TTRPG community is an inclusive one. As with all things, there are bad apples but mostly I prefer to look on the positive side. I did not make Moonlight to be a token character or to be a mockery. I made them to grow myself. To try to immerse myself in that reality (yes, I understand the irony of calling a ttrpg character a reality) and grow from that experience. To question how I assume pronouns based on appearance and names. It isn’t and won’t be what many people go through every day but it is a step towards understanding.

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