MNmaxed in Spaaace

Join the MNmaxed crew on a new adventure that takes them into the Pact Worlds. Several Millennia after the Circus of Wayward Wonders destroyed/saved all of Golarian a new group of "heroes" takes to the stars to fight unimaginable creatures and fuck around doing cool space shit.

The crew is changing it up for this campaign with David being our game master and Tyler becoming one of the players. We also have a new addition to the group Bense who is a longtime friend. Spencer decided to sit this one out as it would cut into his World of Warcraft play time.

Our Group

David - GM 

Tyler   - Veil

Ted     - Mr. Bubbles

Bense - Varikan Hart

Swany - Krrshk

This will be an interesting time with David running a home brew campaign and being a little more lax with the rules than our normal MNmaxed ways. 


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